Here's info on our waitlist/pre-authorization options!

When an item sells out prior to being able to successfully claim it, you will get notice that we have that item waitlisted for you. If someone that claims an item doesn’t pay for it and you were next in line, you’ll get a notification that it’s been added to your cart!

The system will automatically let you know when and item is back in stock via your account e-mail! We do not always re-order, and re-ordering doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the product as many times the vendor sells out! Typically, if an item is marked on sale we do not restock those styles. Please remove any items from your waitlist if you do not want to purchase if we re-order. 

You also have the option to authorize your card and give us permission to charge your card and create an order IF the item is back in stock. We do not always restock items (depending on the demand and/or the availability from the vendor). This option does NOT charge your card unless we get the item back in stock and there are NO holds on your account. Another benefit of waitlist authorizing is that it puts you to the top of the waitlist if an item were to come back in stock!

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