Monogram Ettiquette 101

Who doesn’t love monograms? Reese Witherspoon said it best when she said, "My rule is, if it's not moving, monogram it."
 A little monogram personalization on your favorite piece makes great things greater. Monograms are so elegant. If you're anything like us at Sew Southern Designs, you have a Pinterest "Monogram Board" with a million pins of cute things you want to have monogrammed next. The options are literally endless: cups, coffee mugs, keychains, shirts, cars, bookbags, towels, and the list goes on...
We've had so many people ask what is a monogram, so we're here to answer that question!

 Monogram Usage:

We will use Ashley Clark Baker in our example here. There are three common ways to create a monogram for a single woman.The most simple way to display your monogram is with a single initial. Typically, a person uses their last name, so in this example Ashley would use the letter "B"; However, it isn't uncommon to see people use the initial of their first name (in this example, "A") if it is a child or young teen.
An unmarried woman’s monogram is commonly placed in the order of her first name, last name, middle name. Typically, the last name is bigger than the first and middle initials. For Ashley, her three letter monogram is "aBc (ashley BAKER clark)."
A married woman’s monogram is commonly placed in the order of her first name, married last name, maiden name.Typically, the last name is bigger than the first and maiden name initials. For this example we will say that Ashley is married, so her maiden name is Clark and her married surname is Baker. Ashley's Married Three Letter Initials are "aBc (ashley BAKER clark)." If Taylor Breanna Murray married Matthew Smith her Married Three Letter Initials would be "tSm (Taylor Murray Smith)." Some people prefer not to use their maiden name and stick with their middle name, so Taylor's initials for example would then be "tSb (Taylor Breanna Smith)."
Lastly, a popular option today is for married couples to combine the bride and groom's initials in the following order: her first name, married last name, his first name. For Ashley and John Baker, their couples initials would be, "aBj (Ashley and John Baker)."
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